Servimos evento HANABI VR que
puedes experimentar HANABI en cualquier lugar

HANABI es visto exclusivamente por

Nueva experiencia

  • Contenido de alta resolución de HANABI VR
    (Mín4K ~ Máx 16K)

  • Los contenidos de realidad virtual(VR) son los contenidos de películas de 360 grados

  • Contenido de realidad virtual de algunos notables festivales japoneses de HANABI, como Tonegawa HANABI (Ibaraki), Shinmei-no-HANABI (Yamanashi), etc.


Las espectadoras tienen que

Solo ven y mira

  • 3 persons can enjoy the contents at the same time

  • You don't need any infrastructure such as head mount display, power source, extension code and wifi. 

  • You don't need to prepare for VR contents.

  • You don't need to care about the maintenance of VR device and contents


We strongly believe our VR event is

More reliable on safety

  • Served to exhibitions, schools, hospitals, and welfare facilities.

  • Used shoulder-mounted speaker, which the viewer feel relieved by hearing the surrounding sound 

  • Prepared masks for keep cleaning the face contact area 

  • To ease a burden of the neck of the viewer who look up to see HANABI VR, we optimized the length of each contents 


We'd love to hear your inquiry to exchage information